Mickey’s experience of homelessness over many years was impacted by his mental health conditions, his encounters with the criminal justice system, and numerous incidences of robbery and abuse. His frequent stops at one of Houston’s day shelters connected him with their local coordinated access staff. After many months of hearing about housing options available to him, Mickey decided to talk through them. He was immediately connected with a housing navigator, participated in an assessment of his needs, and qualified for a permanent supportive housing program. Within two weeks, he received his voucher and now lives in his new home. When asked to describe the feeling of finally exiting homelessness, Mickey’s response was simply, “blessed”.

Karen experienced homelessness and lived in her car after surviving domestic violence. “The caseworkers from Southwest Solutions actually came to my car to find me and help me and my children,” Karen says. “They opened up their arms and surrounded us with care.” Karen and her children obtained permanent housing in one of their apartments, 

“Now that our living situation is stable, I want to do more with my life, I’ve started culinary arts school. I want to be a chef and maybe work on a cruise ship one day. I’d love to travel and see more of the world with my kids.”

After plans to move and begin a better life for their two daughters fell through, Linda and DeJuan found themselves experiencing homelessness for the first time and were without employment or income support. The family entered the rapid re-housing program at UMOM New Day Centers in Phoenix, Arizona. They now live in a two-bedroom apartment where they receive rental and utility assistance. DeJuan has been able to obtain full-time employment. Linda continues to receive job search assistance through UMOM while she cares for her two daughters at home. “We think rapid re-housing is great,” said Linda and Dejuan, “It has helped us because it gave us the opportunity to have our own place.”